leverages是什么意思 leverages的读音、翻译、用法



词组:Leverages的常见词组包括:leverage up(增加杠杆,扩大影响),leverage down(减少杠杆,缩小影响),leverage buyout(杠杆收购),leverage ratio(杠杆比率)等。

短语:Leverages的常见短语包括:gain leverage(获得优势),use leverage(利用优势),financial leverage(财务杠杆)等。



1. Our company leverages technology to deliver better products and services. (我们公司利用技术提供更好的产品和服务。)

2. She leverages her extensive network of contacts to find job opportunities. (她利用她广泛的联系网络寻找工作机会。)

3. The new marketing strategy has helped us leverage our market position. (新的营销策略帮助我们利用我们的市场地位。)

4. The company decided to leverage up its debt in order to expand its operations. (公司决定增加债务以扩展业务。)

5. The acquisition was made with the help of a leverage buyout. (这次收购是通过杠杆收购完成的。)

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