this is the way是什么意思 this is the way的读音、翻译、用法




短语:this is the way。

发音拼写:/ðɪs ɪz ðə weɪ/


1. "This is the way we always do things."(我们总是这么做。)

2. "If you want to succeed, this is the way to do it."(如果你想成功,这就是方法。)

3. "This is the way to cook this dish."(这是烹饪这道菜的方法。)

4. "I learned this is the way to tie a knot from my father."(我从我父亲那里学到了这个打结的方法。)

5. "In this company, this is the way we communicate with each other."(在这个公司,我们是这样相互沟通的。)

6. "I'm not sure this is the way to solve the problem."(我不确定这是解决问题的方法。)

7. "This is the way we show respect in our culture."(这是我们文化中表现尊重的方式。)

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