kingfisher是什么意思 kingfisher的读音、翻译、用法




- common kingfisher:普通翠鸟

- kingfisher bird:翠鸟

- belted kingfisher:腰带翠鸟

- kingfisher fish:翠鸟鱼

- kingfisher pool:翠鸟池塘


- kingfisher blue:翠鸟蓝色

- kingfisher feathers:翠鸟羽毛



1. The kingfisher is an iconic bird that is widely recognized for its brightly colored plumage and long, thin beak.(翠鸟是一种标志性的鸟类,因其鲜艳的羽毛和细长的喙而广为人知。)

2. Kingfishers are skilled fishers and rely on their sharp eyesight and excellent diving ability to catch their prey.(翠鸟是熟练的渔夫,依靠敏锐的视力和出色的潜水能力来捕捉猎物。)

3. The kingfisher's feathers are incredibly vibrant, with shades of blue, green, and orange.(翠鸟的羽毛非常充满活力,带有蓝色、绿色和橙色的色调。)

4. The common kingfisher is found throughout much of Europe and Asia, and is known for its distinctive bright blue plumage.(普通翠鸟分布在欧洲和亚洲的大部分地区,以其独特的鲜蓝色羽毛而闻名。)

5. The kingfisher darts through the air before plunging headfirst into the water to catch a fish.(翠鸟在空中来回飞驰,然后头朝下跳入水中捕鱼。)

6. The belted kingfisher can be identified by its distinctive white and blue band across its chest.(腰带翠鸟可以通过其胸部的独特的白色和蓝色条纹来识别。)

7. Kingfisher fish are so named because they are a favorite food for many species of kingfishers.(翠鸟鱼之所以被这个名字命名,是因为它们是许多种类翠鸟的最爱食物。)

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