盲盒英语怎么说1. 词汇方面:盲盒英语可用blind box, mystery box, surprise box等表示;

2. 解释方面:盲盒指的是购买者不知道盒子里具体是什么物品,需要开盒以确认所购买物品的一种玩具或商品销售方式;

3. 应用方面:盲盒英语可以用于玩具、收藏品、美妆品、书籍等商品的销售。


1. 他买了一个盲盒,但不知道里面会有哪些玩具。He bought a blind box, but he didn't know what toys would be in it.

2. 一些品牌商利用盲盒的方式,来吸引年轻人的目光。Some brands use the surprise box method to attract young people's attention.

3. 盲盒的价格通常要比同品牌同等商品贵,因为里面的物品是未知的。The price of blind boxes is usually more expensive than the same brand's products because the contents are unknown.

4. 我女儿喜欢收藏盲盒里的小玩具,她希望可以集齐所有的种类。My daughter likes to collect small toys in blind boxes, and she hopes to collect all kinds.

5. 这款盲盒的外包装非常精美,开盒后里面的物品也让人惊喜不已。The packaging of this blind box is very exquisite, and the contents inside are also surprising.

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