1. 形容人或事物本身的可怕程度:Scary可以用来描述人或事物的可怕程度,例如一个恐怖电影、一个鬼故事、一个剧烈的自然灾害等都可以被称为scary。


- The haunted house was so scary that nobody dared to go inside.

- The thunderstorm was so scary that I hid under the blanket until it was over.

- The clown in the circus was too scary for the little children to watch.

- The rollercoaster ride was really scary, but also exciting.

- The horror novel was so scary that I couldn't sleep for days.

2. 描述人的情感状态:Scary也可以用来描述一个人在面对可怕事物时的情感状态,例如害怕、恐惧、惊慌等。


- She was scared of the dark and always slept with a night light on.

- I was so scared when I saw the snake that I ran away immediately.

- My brother is scared of spiders and always asks me to remove them from his room.

- The loud noise scared the little dog and it ran away.

- He looked scared when he heard the news about the plane crash.

3. 形容可怕的经历:Scary也可以用来描述一个人经历过的可怕事件或经历,例如一个匪夷所思的梦境、一个遭遇犯罪或意外的经历等。


- I had a scary dream last night where I was chased by a monster.

- When I was robbed at gunpoint, it was one of the scariest experiences of my life.

- The car accident was really scary, but thankfully I wasn't hurt.

- My friend got lost in the forest and had a scary night out there alone.

- The plane turbulence was really scary, but the pilot managed to land it safely.

4. 形容令人不安或奇怪的事情:Scary也可以用来形容一些令人不安或奇怪的事情,例如一个离奇的谋杀案、一个诡异的事件、一个神秘的现象等。


- The disappearance of the missing girl was a really scary mystery.

- The abandoned house in the woods gave me a scary feeling, like something bad had happened there.

- The supernatural sighting was really scary and made me believe in ghosts.

- She told me a scary story about a cursed object that could bring misfortune to the owner.

- The strange noise coming from the attic was really scary, we thought there might be a ghost up there.

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